Hydrocarbon dry cleaning machine/Multisolvent Dry cleaning machine/K4 dry cleaning machine

Hydrocarbon dry cleaning machine/Multisolvent Dry cleaning machine/K4 dry cleaning machine

General Introduction

““FEMART”” series are the latest generation environmental friendly Multi solvent dry cleaning machines with the world leading technology. “FEMART” allows you to use freely any Class III A/B solvent (Hydro Carbon), Silicon based solvent or the newly developed Solvon K4. Just switch the program on Smart Touch computer controller, and you can change the solvent to work.

Adopting world famous brand of all key components, “FEMART” series dry cleaning machines are assembled by OASIS in China. They integrate all world top configurations with some OASIS self-owned patented technology.

“FEMART” multi solvent dry cleaning machines are available in different capacity: 12kgs, 14kgs, 16kgs, 18kgs, 20-23kgs, 25-30kgs, 30-35kgs.


1- Completed stainless steel structure. All the components contact with solvent such as internal and external basket, basket housing, air channel, filter, button trap, water separators, still, and SOLVENT TANKS are all made of SS304. Solvent pipeline material is optional in stainless steel.

2- High standard production line by mould ensures stronger parts and makes the part replacement easier.

3- Adopting the world leading Smart Touch intelligent computer controller, it can randomly switch the auto mode and manual mode, and makes operators edit the programs simply. Moreover, Inteli-Memo intelligent computer can save and remember all technical parameters of each setting cycle, such as the drying temperature, solvent temperature, and basket rotate speed, etc. Those parameters can be automatically recalled and applied while a program is changed.

4- All electrical components are imported world famous brands with CE approval, ensuring long and stable operation.

5- High performance drying system, unique drying chamber, the world latest air channel, and the best position of drying fan motor greatly improves the recycling speed of solvent, shortens the drying time and increases the cleaning capacity to achieve more profits.

6- American made quick fittings for each condenser prevents the Freon leaking, and achieves simpler maintenance.

7- Double layers lint filter makes lint collecting cleaner.

8- “FEMART” provides you with real ecological filtration system with one ECO spin disk filter and one full carbon decolorizing   filter. You can also choose either filter as per your actual requirement through Smart Touch computer controller.

9- Three large solvent tanks with self-cleaning function.

10– “FEMART” achieves another breakthrough with the newly developed 2-stage vacuum distillation technology. Fractio-Still(2 stage fractional distillation) greatly improves the overall solvent quality through segregating the low boiling contamination such as soap, bound water, etc from the solvent.

Hydro-Sens™ sensor probe is adopted to automatically carry out the drainage of water during the distillation. The Solvent contains trace moisture from the first stage is introduced into the prewash of the next cycle to greatly improve water- soluble stain removal, resulting in overall superior cleaning performance. Meanwhile, the clean and pure solvent is recycled to the solvent tanks which makes the solvent tanks always clean without foul smell.

The dirt in solvent during distillation can be automatically drained through computer control (Optional).

Multi-protection system such as distillation overheat automatic protection device, foam automatic control device, 4 pressure control system, safety lock, nitrogen safe injection system ensures safety and reliability in the whole working process.

   11- With safety in mind, “FEMART” gives you peace of mind with Safety-Lock™ door locking system. The loading door, button trap, lint collector and still tank all equipped pneumatic locking device. The Smart-Touch computer controller works in conjunction with the door locking system to assure the operator that each door is closed and secure during the working cycle.

   12- German SIEMENS motor, imported Italian BERMAR frequency-controlled fan motor, BERMAR solvent pump, and free-maintenance dry-type BERMAR vacuum pump are all adopted to achieve 3 shifts (24 hour) operation. Meanwhile, they accomplish smooth running and possibility of dry cleaning various kinds of clothes.

   13- The refrigeration and recovery system, which is the heart in means of environmental protection part of dry cleaning machines, is made with American high quality components for trouble free operation.

   14- With Japan made bearings and Germany made shaft seals, the bearings and shaft seals adopts world advanced free maintenance process technology without filling in oil for regular maintenance.

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