The 3rd generation FULLY ENCLOSED PERC. Dry cleaning machine

The 3rd generation FULLY ENCLOSED PERC. Dry cleaning machine

            The preferred automatic fully enclosed dry cleaning machine for those who start LOW-COST investment for dry cleaners!!!

Make the best Dry cleaning machines in China. To be the first choice of Dry cleaning business partnership with China.

The more you know Dry-cleaning, The more you trust OASIS.

Always achieve the best combination for quality and price.

Color available: White/Blue/Green/Orange


1- Programmable computer with self-diagnostics function.

2- Variable speed frequency inverter drive. Frequency conversion motor adopted for more stable and reliable running, and to lower the noise.

3- Equipped with activated carbon safety absorption device, which is used to absorb the smell of residual perc. while opening the door after finishing the cycle.

4- European style designed with nice appearance, compact structure and big size door for easy loading and unloading.

5- Fully enclosed and high-performance system with refrigeration recovery system maximizes PERC recovery.

6- The key parts for refrigeration system, pneumatic valves, solenoid valves, low-voltage apparatus, bearings, oil seals, etc are all high quality with famous brands.

7- The main shaft adopts world advantaged technology of free maintenance; never need to fill in oil to the bearing and oil seal.

8- Adopt dual-temperature control, the still system works safer and more reliable.

9- Automatic self-cleaning function for 3 solvent tanks.

10- The components contact with solvent such as basket, basket housing, air channel system, button trap, water separator, still and still cooling device, etc are made of stainless steel 304. The solvent base tanks material is treated by hot-dip galvanizing corrosion resistance technology which ensures 15 years using life on average.

11- High performance ecological filter with Japanese Sakura brand super strong disc filters ensures better filtration effect. Carry out the maintenance for the filter every 10-15 cycles (P-120FD/ZQ, P-160FD/ZQ), 25-30 cycles (P-160FD/ZQII); light colored garments can be dry cleaned at any time.

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